Frequently Asked ETIAS Questions

Will UK citizens need ETIAS?

Yes – once the ETIAS scheme is implemented in 2025, it will be compulsory for UK citizens and those from all other ETIAS eligible countries to have an approved ETIAS visa waiver for Greece before entering the Schengen zone. The UK is now eligible for ETIAS because it is no longer part of the EU, but it does hold visa exempt status with the EU.

Is ETIAS optional for UK citizens travelling to Greece?

No – ETIAS Greece will be mandatory for UK citizens to travel to Greece, as it will also be for citizens of all other countries who do not need a Schengen visa to enter the Schengen zone. All operators of transportation carrying people via air, land and sea will be expected to ensure that all ETIAS eligible passengers have ETIAS authorisation before boarding.

Brexit and ETIAS

Since leaving the EU, the UK has joined the list of countries who have visa exemption when travelling to the Schengen zone. When the ETIAS scheme is fully implemented, in 2025, citizens of these countries, which includes Canada and Australia among many others, will all be required to have ETIAS approval before entering the Schengen region.
Gibraltar is classified as a British Overseas Territory. However, it was negotiated that after Brexit that it would join the Schengen zone. This means that UK citizens will probably require ETIAS authorisation Greece before travelling to Gibraltar, although this not yet confirmed.

When will ETIAS be enforced?

Greece ETIAS will be implemented, with a six-month transition period, at some point during 2025. The exact date is not yet confirmed.When the scheme becomes fully operational, all ETIAS eligible prospective visitors to the Schengen zone, which includes Greece,will require ETIAS authorisation before entering the region. Transport operators will be expected to check that all ETIAS eligible passenger shave ETIAS approval.

How much will ETIAS cost?

ETIAS for Greece will cost around £6, although this amount is yet to be confirmed and could therefore change before the implementation of ETIAS in 2025. Applicants who are under 18 or over 70 may apply without charge. If there are any revisions to this information, or if any new information is released that you should be made aware of, we will update the website accordingly.

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