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COVID-19 vaccines for British citizens traveling to Schengen countries

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Must British citizens get the Covid-19 vaccination before they travel?

British citizens who wish to travel to Europe or the Schengen region must have a valid vaccine certificate that has been recognized by EMA.

What vaccine is required to enter European countries

EMA has approved the following COVID-19 Vaccines:

  • Moderna
  • AstraZeneca
  • Johnson & Johnson (Janssen)
  • Pfizer-BioNTech
  • NuvaxovidSeveral

countries also receive the following vaccines recognized by the World Health Organization:

  • Sinopharm
  • Sinovac

What happens when you get the vaccine?

Most countries allow fully vaccinated tourists to enter the Schengen region. However, the destination country may impose additional restrictions and rules. Each country has its own regulations. These can frequently change due to pandemics. Check the information for the country you are planning to visit.

A vaccination certificate may not be sufficient to allow travelers from high-risk nations to enter Europe. Even if they have the appropriate certifications, there may be restrictions such as:

* Testing before departure

* Test upon arrival

* Quarantine

Is it possible for a person to travel to Schengen without having to be vaccinated?

Except in exceptional cases, all citizens, even Britons, must be vaccinated. Citizens of low-infection countries can travel to Europe. You should ensure you check the regulations and restrictions of your destination country as each one has its own policies and rules.

Vaccine passport travel

A vaccine passport, or the equivalent, may be required to travel between Schengen member countries. The country you are applying for entry into Europe will determine the conditions.

  • Documentation proving vaccination.
  • Negative results of tests
  • Evidence of recent recovery from COVID-19

These documents are all listed on the EUDCC. This is a list that can be used to replace vaccinations in certain countries.

COVID vaccination is requested by the majority of countries

These rules could change, so be sure to keep checking before you leave.UK citizens who plan to travel to Europe should:

  • Keep checking the European Health Travel Regulations frequently.
  • Contact the Embassy of your destination Country
  • Get familiar with the rules and conditions of flight.
  • Contact the airline 6-8 weeks before departure for vaccination information
  • Get vaccinated
  • Keep detailed records of all vaccinations/covid testing.
  • If necessary, bring English translations of documents.