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Are virtual conferences the future of business travel?

Limiting business travel can indeed be advantageous for the company. That is why employee participation in video conferences and virtual meetings is becoming commonplace. This saves money and eliminates the need for firms to send personnel abroad. In this manner, businesses have saved millions of dollars.

One-hour video conferencing has proved to be sufficient and efficient, and businesses are now beginning to grasp the opportunity. Despite this, it would be unwise to completely switch to an online model.According to research, working remotely can negatively affect motivation,communication, and work quality and exacerbate harmful tendencies in good employees.

It has also been proved that working remotely for a brief length of time was enjoyable and productive. Since Covid-19 has been active for three years and continues to influence working conditions,people have recognized that they must live with it rather than avoid it. Therefore, they have voiced their preference for a return to work in-person rather than remotely.

British nationals traveling for business to Greece know that planning meetings wisely, either online or in-person, is vital for every professional. Meeting clients and boosting team spirit is the cornerstone of every company.

But online meetings could very well become a low-cost alternative for many environmentally-conscious start-ups and companies who see no point in spending money on a work trip that should take only a couple of hours. If the strategy is ready and well-planned, helping clients achieve their objectives, why shouldn’t the client consider it even without a face-to-face meeting between representatives?

ETIAS Greece for UK Business Travelers

Numerous nations, including the United Kingdom, will soon be able to apply for the new European visa waiver system. At the end of 2022 the European Travel Information and Authorization Service will go live. Any UK business traveler looking to plan a meeting to Greece should then apply for an ETIAS authorization.

The ETIAS visa waiver program will increase security in the Schengen area and improve the traveler experience. The system screens visitors prior to their entry into Europe, enabling the authorities to block individuals who pose a hazard to public health or illegal immigration. ETIAS is valid for business-related activities, including participation in meetings, conferences,and other events. However, it cannot be used to begin paid work in a European nation. This requires a work permit from the European country you want to work in.

Advantages of ETIAS for business travelers

The benefits of an ETIAS Greece authorization for business travelers include:

  • Possibility of making multiple trips to Europe for the whole validity of the ETIAS authorization (3 years if the passport does not expire before);
  • Staying within the Schengen area for up to 90 days;
  • A fully online application that is speedy and efficient;
  • Electronically connected to your passport;
  • Stronger border security for European travelers and citizens;