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We supply the latest information regarding ETIAS for Greece as it pertains to travel from the UK to Greece. ETIAS Greece, which stands for European Travel Information and Authorisation System, is a scheme that will be in place from 2025 onwards for anyone wishing to travel to the EU Schengen zone from a country that has a visa exemption agreement with the EU.

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As ETIAS is not yet operational and some aspects of it are not yet confirmed. Our aim is to keep travelers informed on the most currently updated information regarding the ETIAS for Greece scheme as it evolves. We aim to be the most reliable source of ETIAS Authorization Greece news for UK citizens wishing to travel to Greece from 2025 onwards.

Our website contains information regarding the application process, who will be expected to apply,the information they must provide and the details of ETIAS approval if/when it is given.Updates may include changes to the existing information, or confirmation of future deadlines. We also provide information about the scheme, how it originated and how it will work in practice. We are not affiliated with the EU or any government body.

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ETIAS for Greece FAQ

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The ETIAS application will be fully electronic, meaning it can be done entirely online. British citizens are advised to apply for ETIAS Greece at least 96 hours before their planned departure to Greece, or anywhere else in the EU Schengen zone. A small fee of around £6, which is an amount yet to be confirmed,will be charged to the applicant. The applicant must ensure the card they use is accepted by ETIAS and has sufficient funds available–if there are any problems with the card, the application may be denied.If the person applying is under 18 or over 70, no charge will be applied.

All that is required for the ETIAS for Greece application is your basic information and a valid biometric passport(e-Passport)that is machine readable, which will be analysed and cross-checked against various existing databases for security alerts. If there are no problems with the information supplied, then the application should be approved within minutes. Approval will be sent by email in the form of the PDF document.

No, ETIAS will only be required once the system is operational, in 2025. At that point, all citizens belonging to countries who hold visa-free status with the EU, such as the UK, will require ETIAS approval to travel to Greece or anywhere else in the Schengen zone via air, sea or land.

You can apply for ETIAS if you have a criminal record. However, depending on the gravity of your crime(s), you may be asked to attend an interview. In some instances,the application may eventually be denied.