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British travelers will enjoy a better experience with the ETIAS visa waiver

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Travelers desire seamless border processing

After the pandemic, international travel will be possible again with airlines and airports. According to the International Air Transport Association’s (IATA) survey, 2021 will see travelers willing to share biometric data in order to speed up border processing. They don’t want long waits in airport lines. This is what technological advancement should solve.

ETIAS uses passenger data for faster processing

People are willing to share their information with the government to enhance their travel experience. GPS predicts that 76% of passengers will provide biometric information to expedite border processing by 2021. ETIAS will pioneer this transition. ETIAS doesn’t collect biometric data (such as fingerprints), but biometrics are used in new entry/exit procedures.

Traveler screening before departure

ETIAS applicants must provide personal information, passport data, security information, and health information. Pre-checking passengers before they depart will help reduce the time it takes to process data at the airport. The new system will allow passengers to arrive at the airport without a visa or prior permit. Passport scans will verify that the visitor is allowed to enter Schengen. Still, ETIAS is not a guarantee of entry to Europe. Border authorities always have the final say on whether to allow visitors to enter Europe.

Biometrics, ETIAS, and entry/exit system

With ETIAS and the entry/exit software (EES), passport control at the Schengen border will be reduced. EES uses biometric passport data and determines the visitor’s allowed time in Schengen. Passengers can scan their biometric passport page to view the screen. The passport contains biometric information that can be used to compare face picture. The gates will automatically open after the passport holder has been released for travel. This will make the process much faster than manual processing.
Europe and passengers place high importance on protecting personal data. While travelers are open to sharing more information to improve their trip, they also want to know the storage and use of shared data. Secure data processing is provided by the ETIAS Central Unit. To prevent unauthorized access to data, encryption is used. Personal information will be stored for up to five years, even after ETIAS is denied or expired.

ETIAS will allow visitors to secure their passports before arriving at the Schengen border. The registration process must be completed by travelers a few days before departure. This will reduce the time required for security checks.

Screening for Passengers and Covid-19

The pandemic has caused delays in data processing at airports. This is because vaccination certificates and other documentation are checked at these times. There are still delays at airports despite fewer departures.

Yet, why ETIAS?

These benefits will be available to British citizens who want to travel to Europe by 2025:

  • Easily apply for ETIAS online
  • You will spend less time waiting in line
  • More accurate health screenings
  • Better border processing
  • ETIAS offers a better experience for many travelers from other countries planning to travel to the Schengen region.