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What will ETIAS mean for British citizens living in European countries?

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What will ETIAS mean for UK citizens who live in European countries?

There will be strict visa regulations if you plan to travel to Europe. While ETIAS won’t have any impact on citizens worldwide, 60 countries will soon require ETIAS in order to enter the Schengen region.

Only those who possess a biometric passport to enter Europe will be eligible for the new ETIAS system. These citizens will have to complete an online application to travel to Europe starting in 2025. ETIAS, a digital registration system, will make it easier to obtain a Visa to travel to these states. Travelers will now be pre-checked in several databases to ensure they are not subject to border control.

ETIAS will be required by approximately 30 million people each year. For various reasons,foreign nationals, even British citizens who live in a Schengen country like Greece or Spain,shouldn’t need to apply. However, please contact us via the dedicated page if you have any questions.

Currently, the citizens of 60 countries can travel freely within Europe without a visa. However,this will likely change as part of the new ETIAS system. As this is a new system, there may be changes. Please follow our guidelines to stay up-to-date with all information. Anyone who violates ETIAS visa requirements could be deported.

UK citizens living in European countries

It may depend on your nationality, but ETIAS could affect you if you are a foreign citizen living in a Schengen country. ETIAS is not available for all travelers as it is intended as a visa waiver for short-stay trips. You will still need ETIAS if you want to travel to Schengen for business,tourism, transit, healthcare, and other purposes.

If you are a European citizen,you can relax! ETIAS does not apply to residents living in the Schengen region, according to current regulations. For those who wish to travel to Schengen countries for short-term visits, however, additional requirements may apply. ETIAS applies to visa-free travelers.

Residents of European countries that did not previously require a visa for travel to other European member countries may now need to apply to ETIAS and complete the application form to travel to Europe.

This information is subjected to the citizenship of the European resident, the European resident country, and the visa regulation that will become effective after the ETIAS becomes final.